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November 01

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Lesson Notes          
Classwork/ Homework        
Week 10 ~ Nov. 1st to Nov.8th




C1 test


EQUATIONS chapter begins...…..

Lesson 11 notes

AS page 22 (finish for HW) 

Finish Lesson 11

Lesson 12 notes

AS page 22 
Friday   AS page 23, 24, 25 
Week 11 ~ Nov. 11th to 15th




Quiz Lesson 11 + Lesson 12

AS page 23, 24, 25 

Quiz back + Tests back

Lesson 13 notes

AS page 25a 

PED ~ Nov. 14th & 15th   

Week 12 ~ Nov. 18th to 22nd  

Quiz Lesson 11-13

AS page 25a, 26 


Lesson 14 notes

AS page 27 (finish as homework) 

Quiz Lesson 11-13 back

Recipe Project

Correct AS page 27
 PED ~ Nov. 22nd


Week 13 ~ Nov. 25th to 29th  
Monday  Work on Recipe Project AS 28, 28a, 29, 30
Tuesday   Quiz Lesson 14  AS 28, 28a, 29, 30

Quiz Lesson 14 Back 

Work on recipe project

Review pages AS 31,32 


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